The Fry Chronicles (Memoir #2)
The Fry Chronicles (Memoir #2)
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Stephen Fry arrived at Cambridge University as a convicted fraudster and thief, an addict, liar, fantasist, and failed suicide, convinced that any moment he would be sent away. Instead, he befriended bright young things like Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie, and he emerged as one of the most promising comic talents in the world.This is the engrossing, hilarious, and utterly compelling story of how the Stephen the world knows (or thinks it knows) found his way. Tales of champagne, love, and conspicuous consumption jostle with insights into Broadway and TV stardom. A feat of trademark wit and verba

Title : The Fry Chronicles (Memoir #2)
Author : Stephen Fry
Publication Date : 1-1-2010
Page Count : 26 Page
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