Relentless (Suspense Series, #4)
Relentless (Suspense Series, #4)
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Former Delta Force operator Rhys Sinclair defied the odds by recovering from a traumatic brain injury that should have killed him. Given the chance to repay the beautiful doctor who saved his life by guarding hers, he can't say no--even if it means facing an unknown threat from the cunning terrorist his CIA-sanctioned team had been hunting in Afghanistan. The catch is, she can't know about it without blowing their cover. Trauma surgeon Neveah Adams is finally putting her life back together after her horrific experience in Afghanistan. Giving the keynote speech at a medical conference in Vancou

Title : Relentless (Suspense Series, #4)
Author : Kaylea Cross
Publication Date : 11-6-2010
Page Count : 6 Page
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