The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime, #1)
The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime, #1)
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Jasper Fforde does it again with a dazzling new series starring Inspector Jack Spratt, head of the Nursery Crime Division.Jasper Fforde’s bestselling Thursday Next series has delighted readers of every genre with its literary derring-do and brilliant flights of fancy. In The Big Over Easy, Fforde takes a break from classic literature and tumbles into the seedy underbelly of nursery crime. Meet Inspector Jack Spratt, family man and head of the Nursery Crime Division. He’s investigating the murder of ovoid D-class nursery celebrity Humpty Dumpty, found shattered to death beneath a wall in a

Title : The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime, #1)
Author : Jasper Fforde
Publication Date : 11-7-2005
Page Count : 30 Page
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