The Count of Monte Cristo, with eBook
The Count of Monte Cristo, with eBook
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This is an Abridged Edition For Edmond Dantes, life couldn't be better. At nineteen, he is soon to be captain of his own ship and about to be married to his true love, Mercedes. But his life is suddenly turned upside down when, on his wedding day, he is arrested. Without a fair trial, he is condemned to solitary confinement in the miserable Chateau d'If. Soon it is clear that Edmond has been framed by a handful of powerful enemies, jealous of his success. While locked away, Edmond learns from another prisoner, Abbé Faria, of a secret treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo. Faria teach

Title : The Count of Monte Cristo, with eBook
Author : Alexandre Dumas
Publication Date : --1844
Page Count : 1310 Page
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