Protector: A Suspense Romance
Protector: A Suspense Romance
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A Stand Alone Suspense Romance I’ve always been a hunter, ruthless to the core. I don’t take prisoners and I show no mercy. Then my best friend and his family are taken. Only one member of his family survives the assault. Riley. Her wounded eyes beg me to keep her safe, but she’s only a reminder of the failure I am. Being stuck in the same house, I’m forced to acknowledge her. Her hot body. Her sweet smile. Her seductive mouth.I can only lie to myself for so long before I have to face the truth. It’s not just her forgiveness I want. I want to make her mine. All of her. The broken

Title : Protector: A Suspense Romance
Author : Michelle Horst
Publication Date : 3-10-2016
Page Count : 3 Page
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