Alone In the Dark (Romantic Suspense, #17; Cincinnati, #2)
Alone In the Dark (Romantic Suspense, #17; Cincinnati, #2)
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The New York Times bestselling author of Closer Than You Think returns with a breathtaking new novel of suspense that crosses the line between danger and desire, and justice and revenge.Homicide Detective Scarlett Bishop has seen enough bad guys slip through the cracks and too many innocent victims go unavenged to know good doesn't always prevail. So far she’s been able to lock away her rage and her vigilante fantasies. That lock is about to break.Former Army Ranger Marcus O'Bannion is a fierce champion of victims’ rights. His secret past gives him good reason. He believes he’s seen the

Title : Alone In the Dark (Romantic Suspense, #17; Cincinnati, #2)
Author : Karen Rose
Publication Date : 5-11-2015
Page Count : 17 Page
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