Paranormal Keepers (Paranormal Keepers #1)
Paranormal Keepers (Paranormal Keepers #1)
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There’s no such thing as magic and monsters. Or so I once thought.After a fateful night before my junior year that starts out as innocent goofing around with friends, strange shadows and mysterious noises seem to be everywhere and I’m starting to think something sinister was let into my life. When my boyfriend is brutally murdered, the police write it off as a freak accident, deciding my “strange” testimony is given under duress. I know whatever got to Gavin wasn’t human and I refuse to stop looking until I find his killer, even if it proves once and for all that there are monsters l

Title : Paranormal Keepers (Paranormal Keepers #1)
Author : Jen Naumann
Publication Date : 1-1-2014
Page Count : 2 Page
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