Favorite Kills (Top Suspense Anthologies)
Favorite Kills (Top Suspense Anthologies)
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Some of Top Suspense Group's best stories published all over the world, award winners, basis for movies.Favorite Kills includes:Archie's Been Framed by Dave ZeltsermanNight Nurse by Harry Shannon Solomon & Lord Drop Anchor by Paul Levine Number 19 by Naomi Hirahara Sweet Dreams by Vicki Hendricks House Rules by Libby Fischer Hellmann Angie by Ed Gorman Knife Fight by Joel Goldman Jack Webb's Star by Lee Goldberg Restraint by Stephen Gallagher Top of the World by Bill Crider A Matter of Principal by Max Allan Collins

Title : Favorite Kills (Top Suspense Anthologies)
Author : Top Suspense
Publication Date : 1-1-2012
Page Count : 1 Page
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