Have You Seen Her? (Romantic Suspense, #2)
Have You Seen Her? (Romantic Suspense, #2)
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Special Agent Steven Thatcher has a lot on his hands. Not only is there a serial killer on the loose, stalking area high schools, but Steven's teenage son Brad is suddenly acting up and failing in school. His schoolteacher, Jenna Marshall, is also worried about Brad. As their conversations about the troubled teen increased and grow more intimate, Jenna and Steven soon find they're falling for each other, though they tread cautiously as both carry hidden wounds of their own. Their situation turns even more dangerous when Jenna finds herself on the twisted path of the serial killer Steven is inv

Title : Have You Seen Her? (Romantic Suspense, #2)
Author : Karen Rose
Publication Date : 1-2-2004
Page Count : 33 Page
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