Paranormal Public (Paranormal Public, #1)
Paranormal Public (Paranormal Public, #1)
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Welcome to Charlotte’s world of unusual powers, wonderful friendship, new love and shocking betrayal . . .Charlotte Rollins is an elemental, but she doesn't know it yet. Now, with the help of her old friend Cale and her new friend Keller, she will fight against an evil whose only goal is to consume her.From Kobo:There is no such thing as a mage. There is certainly no such thing as a vampire, pixie, werewolf, or fallen angel. And they certainly do not all attend a college together called Paranormal Public University.One minute Charlotte Rollins is a normal girl about to go to a normal college

Title : Paranormal Public (Paranormal Public, #1)
Author : Maddy Edwards
Publication Date : 17-11-2011
Page Count : 6 Page
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